• PPM Bread for the World (Germany)
  • FSDH Swedish Foundation for Human Rights (Sweden)
  • Diakonia Sweden
  • IPH Protestant churches in the Netherlands
  • IUC United Church of Canada



  • Specific projects with offices of cooperation to development (OCD) of the embassies and other agencies.

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    It is the fundamental program of our institution and aims to facilitate, manage and promote spaces for analysis, dialogue, diagnosing, the intervention of social processes and its relationship with the churches.

    It carries out activities from a Christian worldview, which may help to solve problems, by means of community participation and dialogue with the decision-makers. The topics covered in the program are aimed to improve the quality of life and contribute to the self development community, and Christian focused on conflict resolution, human dignity, human rights, the meaning of existence and the defence of the environment. Promotes, in addition, studies related to the Church and society, collaborating in the biblical-theological education.

    It offers an annual program of courses/workshops aimed at training and the theoretical and practical training of Christian leaders, community actors and social groups from different sectors, ages and religious affiliation. It seeks to achieve the greatest possible representativeness in terms of gender and geographical regions represented. Our projection is focused on that the Center will become a genuine Academy or seminar that favours and deepen the religious work of different denominations.

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