• PPM Bread for the World (Germany)
  • FSDH Swedish Foundation for Human Rights (Sweden)
  • Diakonia Sweden
  • IPH Protestant churches in the Netherlands
  • IUC United Church of Canada



  • Specific projects with offices of cooperation to development (OCD) of the embassies and other agencies.

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    Aimed at the empowerment of rural communities as a vulnerable sector of society. It carries out activities to enhance the role of women, young people, adolescents and children, especially in these communities, organizing them with theoretical and practical workshops for arts and crafts, cutting and sewing, computing and storage of food, among others. Undertakes to promote reforestation, organic agricultural practices and ecological breeding of animals, through the use of available resources to improve the quality of life. This program develops its work in the El Retiro estate located next to rural councils. It aspires not only to contribute to the food security of the territory, but to gradually foster their food sovereignty.

    It carries out activities to protect and rehabilitate the environment and help preserve health from a holistic perspective. Especially strives to promote the use of sustainable energies with emphasis in the bio-digesters, dealing with residual solids from animal to obtain a less harmful fuel and organic fertilizers. At the same time develops a program of reforestation in areas badly affected by erosion, weather events, and the predatory action of man. He has also worked in the installation of solar panels and windmills.