Located on the coast north of Matanzas province is the city of Cardenas. Rich in history and traditions, its date of Foundation dates back to March 8, 1828, as a result of the economic development experienced by the town from the end of the 18th and the 19th century.
The city is known, among others, epithets such as: La Perla del Norte, city flag and Capital of the firstfruits. This last must its name to the accurate fact that more than 25 relevant national and international events took place for the first time in its territory. They include lifting, on May 19, 1850, for the first time in Cuba, our national teaches.
Also known as the city of cars, crabs and bicycles, the cardenense city stands out for the vast cultural development legacy and faithfully defended over the years by professional and amateur artists.
Another feature that defines it is its architecture. Among the most widespread styles during the century XIX and XX are ecclectic, the neoclassic and Art Nouveau, although there is presence of Gothic art. Constructions such as: La Domenica, the Cabaret Las Palmas, the churches, among other buildings, are pride of the cardenenses.
In recent decades the growth and development of the territory has been rising. Today the city has an annual population growth of 3% to more than 153 000 inhabitants. A challenge is to create the necessary conditions in terms of infrastructure and services, in order to meet the needs of the current population.

Cárdenas… to the retrace its streets you will know his heart.