• PPM Bread for the World (Germany)
  • FSDH Swedish Foundation for Human Rights (Sweden)
  • Diakonia Sweden
  • IPH Protestant churches in the Netherlands
  • IUC United Church of Canada



  • Specific projects with offices of cooperation to development (OCD) of the embassies and other agencies.

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    The CID Rev. Raul Fernandez Ceballos has an extensive book collection, varied and updated. It provides services in digital support and advice to work Diploma and others. It has spaces for reflection and improvement, local. It is designed for the culture and values ​​in our community rescue, which develops actions of various sociocultural animation, such as talk shows, cinema-debates, exhibitions, competitions, workshops of artistic expression and support teaching for children and adolescents , promoting human development. Liturgical activities are carried out, especially in religious and cultural occasions such as Easter, Pentecost, Christmas, Day of Cuban Culture, among others. It offers the peace table as a space for dialogue between pastors from different Christian denominations, conflict resolution, contributing to reconciliation and peace, through reading, reflection of the Bible and community prayer.