• PPM Bread for the World (Germany)
  • FSDH Swedish Foundation for Human Rights (Sweden)
  • Diakonia Sweden
  • IPH Protestant churches in the Netherlands
  • IUC United Church of Canada



  • Specific projects with offices of cooperation to development (OCD) of the embassies and other agencies.

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    Provides special and individualized care to individuals, couples, families and groups who are undergoing various types of crisis or conflict, providing tools that raise the dignity of the human being.

    It carries out educational programmes for the development of the personality, contributing to the reduction of suicide, divorce and violence, empowering the community through courses, workshops, group psychotherapy and other forms of training. Composed of two psychologists and specialists in the territory (major focus Areas of health, State agencies, schools, agencies and civil society organizations), lets you strengthen partnerships with local stakeholders and integrate a multidisciplinary team.

    This program designed research projects to diagnose fundamental needs of orientation, intervention, and therapy.