• PPM Bread for the World (Germany)
  • FSDH Swedish Foundation for Human Rights (Sweden)
  • Diakonia Sweden
  • IPH Protestant churches in the Netherlands
  • IUC United Church of Canada



  • Specific projects with offices of cooperation to development (OCD) of the embassies and other agencies.

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    It provides a personalized material and spiritual order with pastoral perspective, enhancing the diaconal work of our institution. Try a climate of peace and understanding through the social service for the vulnerable population (terminally ill, people with disability, HIV-AIDS and other serious illnesses, as well as elderly people without family protection).
    Beneficiaries receive in their humble homes daily, a canteen of food, materials of first necessity. Attending the more limited with other services such as cleaning, ironing, sewing, peeled, cut nails and personal hygiene aid.